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More time to play: 'GoldenEye 007' for XBLA leaks!

Less than a week after GOLDENEYE gaming legend Graslu00 published a complete two-hour longplay of the cancelled HD port of the Nintendo 64 classic for XBLA developed in 2007, a playable ROM was made available through many download sites and social media accounts by an user known as 'Fyodorovna', in homage to Natalya Simonova's middle name.

Neither Graslu00 nor us can provide you with a download link, but perhaps you could make a small Google search for it and easily obtain it. Once you get the ROM, you will need the Xenia Emulator to open the "default.xex" file. On the downside, you will need a very good PC to play it, as Xenia won't work on "potato computers" as the developers explain us.

Later today, the YouTuber will offer us another 100% complete run of the game to celebrate, which will include speedruns, debug modes, and unlocking cheats.

The official release of this product in 2007 was cancelled due to many disagreements between developing companies, primarily as Danjaq (subsidiary of EON Productions) didn't allow the use of the James Bond intellectual property which involves the characters and story of the 1995 film GOLDENEYE, starring Pierce Brosnan as 007. Anyway, this will give Bond fans tons of fun until we wait for the release NO TIME TO DIE, the upcoming James Bond film now scheduled for an October 2021 release. GOLDENEYE is back, get your friends - for real!

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