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GOLDENEYE was released on this now extinct video format known as Laserdisc on May 21, 1996, the same day the film reached the markets on the more common VHS format. The GOLDENEYE Laserdisc was issued in many countries, mostly in Europe and Japan, and in the United States. The latter not only featured the film in Letterbox format and THX sound, but some claim that that was the best home video ever released for the film even in the BluRay days, given the natural looking colours and the pristine sound.


Capture of the 1996 GOLDENEYE Letterbox Edition


  • The World of 007, hosted by Elizabeth Hurley.

  • Over 15 trailers and TV Spots

  • Original Making-of Featurette

  • GoldenEye Music Video by Tina Turner

  • French, German and Italian dubs of Pierce Brosnan as James Bond

  • Audio Commentary featuring Michael G. Wilson and Martin Campbell

Worldwide Laserdisc Covers

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