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The classic James Bond films debuted in BluRay in 2008 with a wave of 11 titles remastered in 1080p HD quality and uncompressed 5.1 sound. The Special Features were exactly the same as in the Ultimate Editions, altough some of the documentaries shot in the late 1990s were given a HD adaptation. 


In 2012, for the 5oth anniversary, all the Bond films were released in BluRay. The GOLDENEYE edition did feature most of the extras of the Ultimate Edition but in standard quality (MGM ran out of bugdet to finance it). While this time the frame crop mistake from the Ultimate Edition was corrected and Lowry's colourless digital restoration not used, the picture still looks a bit dull. Another painful mistake is the overuse of DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) to sharpen the image. From time to tome, the faces of the actors look like latex masks.

The GOLDENEYE BluRay was reissued in 2015 with the whole Bond collection for the release of SPECTRE, and Zavvi also offered a steelbook edition featuring the US poster artwork some years before.



  • Audio Commentary featuring Michael G. Wilson and Martin Campbell

  • Deleted Scenes

  • Directing Bond: The Martin Chronicles

  • Building a Better Bond

  • The Return of Bond

  • Driven to Bond: Remy Julienne

  • Anatomy of a Stunt: Tank vs. Perrier

  • Making it Small in Pictures: Derek Meddings

  • On Location with Peter Lamont

  • GoldenEye: The Secret Files

  • Pre-Title Storyboard Sequence

  • The World of 007 (1995 TV documentary)

  • The GoldenEye Video Journal

  • Promotional Featurette

  • GoldenEye Music Video by Tina Turner

  • Exotic Locations featurette

  • Trailers and TV Spots

Cover Sleeve Design

Interactive Menu (Integrated)

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