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More multiplayer footage for 'GoldenEye 007' for XBLA

After last Friday's two-hour full 00 Agent streaming of the cancelled GOLDENEYE 007 version for XBLA, Graslu00 uploaded some extra minutes of a Multiplayer match, where he played as Ourumov against two friends playing as a Civillian and a Helicopter pilot in the Stack map. The selected scenario was "License To Kill" (one-hit kills with every weapon) with the "Paintball" option on and "Pistols Only" as the weapon selection.

This cancelled high-definition version of the Nintendo 64 classic was meant to be released in 2007 for the XBLA system until Danjaq, the EON holding controlling the cinematic James Bond intellectual property, turned it down. Until 2021, fans only had the chance to watch a few screenshots and videos of the finished product.

On an interview with Ars Technica, Graslu00 informed that he recieved the beta version of this game from an anonymous source who tipped him that this may eventually leak this year ( "Never say never, release coming soon, James", said the note attached to the files) , but the YouTuber insisted once and again that he is not in the ability to offer download links for the material, just to record it.

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