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GOLDENEYE debuted on VHS format on May 21, 1996 in the United States. Most of these releases offered the film in 4:3 Pan & Scan format, which adapted the frama to fit the square screen of the old TV screens by cropping image from the sides. Some future editions would include the film in the original Letterbox format, with huge black bars at the top and bottom of the image but more image from each of the sides allowing you to experience the film as it was shown in theatres.

American territories used a cover artwork which rehashed the graphics used in the theatrical posters, but with new images of the three principal actors and a blue-ish hue to the background image. The 007 logo, which was red in the poster, took a glowing gold texture for this version.


Capture of the 1996 GOLDENEYE US VHS Edition (NTSC)

European and foreign territories favoured a look more reminiscent to the international posters, with James Bond clearly wearing a tuxedo and the background kept a solid black without the blue-ish hue.

Despite the emergence as the millennial video formats like Laserdisc and DVD, GOLDENEYE still got a few more releases in this format, one of them reworking the spines and rear side to fit the colorful "James Bond 007 Collection" titles, by the early 2000s.

Worldwide VHS sleeves

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