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On November 15, 1995, the Raleigh-based trading card company Graffiti, later known as Inkworks, released a set of cards to promote the upcoming James Bond film GOLDENEYE. Each pack, beautifully foiled in a gold wrapper, contained eight cards, while a complete counter display box contained 36 packs allowing the buyer to complete the 90-card basic set. Also included were a number of puzzle cards forming the words "BOND... JAMES BOND" or the 007 gun symbol logo. In this section, you will have a complete look at the base-card set along with their description, transcribed exactly as they were featured on the original cards. Courtesy of The Ultimate James Bond Trading Card Guide, you will also find some scans of the puzzle cards, so, please visit their site for more information about this piece of 007 memorabilia.

Base Card Set

Puzzle Cards

092 - Chase Card Set - Graffiti.jpg
091 - B1 to B9 - Graffiti.jpg
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