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You know the name.

You know the number.

Released in 1995, GOLDENEYE was the production that resurrected James Bond after more than six years of absence from the silver screen, adapting the character to the challenges of the 1990s and the New World Order. Pierce Brosnan's performance as the charismatic secret agent reinvigorated the franchise and proved that agent 007 could still be a good match for the Bruce Willis and Mel Gibson blue-collar heroes that were the kings of the action genre back in the day. Once again, adults were talking about Bond and younger audiences began to get interested in the Bond phenomenon after the financial and critical success of this movie worldwide.

Incredibly enough, the legacy of GOLDENEYE went far beyond a film. Nowadays the name and characters are just not related to a 1995 blockbuster but to one of the most popular and successful video games when Rareware adapted the movie as a first-person shooter for the Nintendo 64 console system in 1997, which has had one spin-off in 2004 and another two remakes in 2010 and 2011.

The objective of THE GOLDENEYE DOSSIER is to celebrate all things GOLDENEYE - focusing of course in this magnificent movie that is, still, among the fan favourites.

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THE GOLDENEYE DOSSIER is an unofficial fan publication home-based in Argentina and is not by any means connected

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