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THE GOLDENEYE DOSSIER first saw the light on Saturday, April 16, 2011. Nicolás Suszczyk, a freelance article writer who prefers to speak very little about himself and very much about James Bond, created it after getting inspiration for online web sites dedicated specifically to ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE and THUNDERBALL, two very much loved 007 films. In 2019, Suszczyk has written three books THE WORLD OF GOLDENEYE, THE BOND OF THE MILLENNIUM, A VIEW TO A THRILL and BEYOND THE ICE, all available now on the Amazon store.

"GOLDENEYE is not only the best James Bond film to me but the best Action/Adventure film of all time - and I don't care the look I get from intellectual cinema students who crave for THE GODFATHER or CITIZEN KANE when I openly say that", says the editor of this site who was hooked up on Ian Fleming's when he saw this movie in that far and away January 31st, 1998, when the movie was broadcasted on TV on his native Argentina. "You have incredible moments of bombastic action, many bits of humour and a perfect assemble cast, from the cool and sophisticated Pierce Brosnan to the stunningly sexy Famke Janssen and the very charismatic Sean Bean. And the sublime Martin Campbell directing, who has brought a very talented team to turn this movie into a visual and substantial masterpiece".

The site has changed its look many times and offered very exclusive tributes to the 1995 film, such as an overview of the casting of Pierce Brosnan as James Bond in 1994, the 20th anniversary of the film and in-depth information on the video releases. At the same time, people like John Altman, Pavel Douglas, Starr Parodi & Jeff Fair and Daniel Kleinman kindly featured in the site to share their experiences on working in GOLDENEYE.

Some key news on the evolution of the James Bond character has also been provided, such as the major announcements regarding the production and release of SKYFALL (2012) and SPECTRE (2015), the same process the 25th Bond movie starring Daniel Craig will go through.

Since 2015, New York-based writer Austin Skinner has also participated on the site with his monthly "Trevelyan Mainframe" columns, while composer Yannick Zenhäusern also provided his particular GOLDENEYE-inspired music for some media sections of the site.

In 2016, 2017 and 2018, the site and its social media channels went a bit off the air with little updates regarding the world of 007 and GOLDENEYE, but the site was just getting prepared for this massive update we have here now, in 2020, to celebrate the silver anniversary of this fantastic movie - a movie that has, indeed, defined a generation.



I would very much want to thank the following people for their continued support, collaboration, and contributions from day one to this site : John Altman, Alison Blaire, Alexandre Bragan^ça, Fabrice Campbell, Martha Castro, Ben Colclough, Pavel Douglas, Nick Dunnebacke, Roberto Escudero Caldera, Jeff Fair, Anders Frejdh, Simon Gardner, Drummond Grieve, Grant Kirkhope, Daniel Kleinman, Marcos Kontze, Benjamin Lind, Shane McCoy, Donovan Mayne-Nicholls, Tina Medeiros, Wanda Molina, Alan More, Steve Oxenrider, Starr Parodi, James David Patrick, Laurent Perriot, Mariana Portella, Sol Romero Campbell, Graham Rye, Neil Shurley, Austin Skinner, Matthew Steele, Zlatko Stevkofski, John Stoddart, Amy Stoneman, Channing Thomson, Reuben Wakeman, Yannick Zenhaüsern.

In Memoriam

Dedicated to four important people now gone, who -in a way or another- supported my passion for James Bond and my unconditional love for this movie.

MARIANA PORTELLA (1990-2020): Whatever I have to say of her here will fall short in comparison. Thank you for walking by my side.

ALEJANDRO SUSZCZYK (1958-2016): My father... and the man who told me whom James Bond was, unwittingly making me a 007 fan.

MARIA OLGA LESIW (1930-2013): My grandmother, who fell in love with Pierce Brosnan every time she saw him.

JUAN SUSZCZYK (1923-2013): My grandfather, a great man and leader of a family. He was always a bit surprised at my Bondmanship and thought a man in his 20s shouldn't be playing GOLDENEYE 007 on a Nintendo 64, but still, he came to understand and support my love for James Bond.

Same goes for Sir Roger Moore (1927-2017), whom I never meet but I have the fondest memories of watching his Bond movies with my dad on that rusty VCR, plus the episodes of THE SAINT and THE PERSUADERS! on TV.

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