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GOLDENEYE was the first James Bond film to debute in this then overwhelming and novel format known as Digital Versatic Disc or DVD, which meant a breaktrough in picture and sound quality plus the chance of browsing trough an interactive menu to pick a number of special features like trailers and documentaries, some of which were already available on Laserdisc. 

The 17th James Bond film had three major releases on DVD: the first one was in 1997, then a Special Edition for 1999 and the latest one was the Ultimate Edition from 2006 which contained loads of never-before-seen extras. It looks like this edition will be the one to be kept as the "ultimate" master for every upcoming DVD release in the format.


Premiere Release


The first DVD edition for GOLDENEYE, released in the US in 1997, had little new to offer besides an interactive menu, the theatrical trailer, foreign language tracks, and the possibility of watching the movie in both 4:3 Pan & Scan (Fullscreen) and 16:9 Letterbox (Widescreen) formats. By 1998, the European edition also offered the audio commentary featuring the producer and director of the movie, also present in the Laserdisc, and an eight page collectible booklet. This version, though, only offered the film in Widescreen format and many frames were cut by the censorship to get a "12" rating.


  • Theatrical Trailer

  • Audio Commentary featuring Martin Campbell
    and Michael G. Wilson (European version only)

RELEASE DATE: 25 March, 1997 (US) - 25 Sep 1998 (Europe) 

Capture of the 1997 GOLDENEYE US DVD Edition (NTSC)


Audio: English, French, Spanish.
Subtitles and Close Captions: English, French, Spanish.

Menus: English.

Cover Sleeve Design

Collectible Booklet

Interactive Menu