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'For England, James', a new book on 'GoldenEye', out this Christmas

One book is not enough to celebrate the 25th anniversary of our beloved 17th James Bond film, and now the author of THE WORLD OF GOLDENEYE and founder of this space, Nicolás Suszczyk, is offering us FOR ENGLAND JAMES: NOTES ON THE VISUAL IMPACT OF GOLDENEYE, which will be out in paperback and digital for Christmas week.

Unlike Suszczyk's opera prima, this 218-page book will deal almost exclusively with the look of the film, making an exhaustive and detailed scene-by-scene analysis to assess its aesthetic impact and the importance of the job done by people like editor Terry Rawlings, cinematographer Phil Méheux, composer Eric Serra and production designer Peter Lamont, all under Martin Campbell's brilliant direction of the hit film.

FOR ENGLAND, JAMES will not feature film stills or production photos but will include over 60 pencil drawings made by the author. A Spanish version is expected to come in early 2021. In the meantime, stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels for news about this release. You can visit the book's official site here.

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