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'GE25' game score to be released in 2021

Composer Yannick Zenhäusern announced today that the score for the cancelled GOLDENEYE 25 project will be available next year. Currently working on the sound of S.P.I.E.S. DON'T DIE, a video game inspired by the 1990s first-person shooters and action movies, the Swiss-born musician explained that over five hours of music intended for this new version of the Nintendo 64 classic “will be properly licensed and released as a cover album so there won't be any problems with the Bond theme components”, pointing out that there will be nothing tied to the Bond or GOLDENEYE intellectual property.

Beginning in 2018, the intention behind GOLDENEYE 25 was recreating the single-player campaign of Rareware’s game adaptation for the 1995 James Bond movie as a freeware product for PC, set for a 2022 release to coincide with the silver anniversary of the original title, which came out two years after the source movie. Progress of the game was detailed with regular making-of videos and screenshots, and many Bond fans and gamers were very excited at the prospect on what they were seeing. Unfortunately, Danjaq issued a “cease and desist” letter in August this year to the developers, since the game was tightly attached to the story and characters of Pierce Brosnan’s 007 film debut which they control.

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