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'Dangerous Connections' – A Shooter With Familiar Faces

Described as a first-person shooter set in 1987, DANGEROUS CONNECTIONS is a Cold War thriller where you play Dan Morris, an American agent taking on dangerous missions on the other side of the Berlin Wall through 15 levels set in the Soviet Union.

Developed by avid GOLDENEYE fan and GOLDENEYE: SOURCE composer Yannick Zenhausern, the game draws many inspirations from the 1990s console and PC shooters and a key aspect of it will be letting the player figure out how to complete each objective with little to no assistance. Watch the official trailer and synopsis below:

According to espionage data, a dangerous situation is brewing in the Soviet Union: A new, experimental weapon of mass destruction is being developed. It has the potential to wipe out entire cities. As the weapon does not conform to any previously known convention, there is every indication that it is to be used. Data analysts therefore assume that, in addition to the damage to people and nature, a geopolitical catastrophe is also likely to result. Putting the facts together, there must be a more complex story behind these plans than a purely terrorist attack. The operational procedure must therefore be quick but equally careful.

The game will see the return of Dr Doak, whom we first met during the Facility mission in GOLDENEYE 007 for Nintendo 64. Other guest appearances include composers Jeff Tymoschuck and Ed Lima, artist Adrian Smith, THE BOND BULLETIN's Benjamin Lind and GOLDENEYE tournament champion Graslu00.

Read more about the development of this game in their official site.

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