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'The Golden Games of Bond' Digital Special Edition is Out

Right as 2024 begins, Wolfram Books announced the release of a new digital edition for THE GOLDEN GAMES OF BOND, first released in November 2022 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Nintendo 64 classic GOLDENEYE 007.

The book, written by Nicolás Suszczyk and featuring interviews with video game historian Steve L Kent, screenwriter Danny Bilson and art designer Adrian Smith, also makes a thorough analysis to the other official and unofficial games bearing the title of Pierce Brosnan's James Bond debut in 1995, which inspired the 1997 adaptation by Rare.

The Digital Special Edition contains the illustrations and images absent from the original eBook release, and is available worldwide and via different secure payment methods through ZOOM Platform. The store also offers THE BOND OF THE MILLENNIUM, written by the same author and focused on Brosnan's stint as agent 007.

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