'Project Ianus' is born

UPDATE 11 AUG 2020: The project of the title has been confirmed as SPIES DON'T DIE

First the bad news and then the good news. The bad news is... GOLDENEYE 25 is no more. In case you didn't know, this was a project to remake the original Nintendo 64 video game GOLDENEYE 007 for PC in 2022 using the UNREAL 4 Engine. Unfortunately, Ben and Yannick, the developers, got a cease and desist letter by the Bond bosses prohibiting them to use 'James Bond', 'GoldenEye' or any of the characters of the film - a lucrative IP that they have decided to throw into the trash of oblivion, the same place where nearly all of the Daniel Craig era posters (and overpraised scripts) should belong to if this wasn't an unfair world.

The good news is... PROJECT IANUS is born.

PROJECT IANUS is described as "a new first person shooter inspired by 90s classics", and it will feature many surroundings and weapons that are familiar to devoted GOLDENEYE 007 players, which will be renamed to fit the demands of the C&D.

Above you can see a couple of screenshots of this new game. More details need to be confirmed and expect big changes in the soundtrack composed by Yannick Zenhäusern as the original was heavily influenced by Eric Serra's work for the 1995 film.

Originally, GOLDENEYE 25 was set for an August 2022 release to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the original game. However, the developers are not obligued now to celebrate an anniversary, which means PROJECT IANUS might -just might- be available sooner than expected. Besides, there's now a chance that the game might be offered on Steam and console ports would be possible.

For updates on PROJECT IANUS, head to their Twitter account. This space will also get you periodically updated on this.

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