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'GoldenEye 007' for Nintendo Switch - Full Livestream

After completing a 100% livestream of the Xbox Game Pass version of GOLDENEYE 007, streamer Graslu00 shows us the Nintendo Switch version in full: the single player campaign in 00 Agent difficulty, unlock of cheats and an online multiplayer match. Check out the livestream below:

Not unlike the Xbox variant, some problems were noticed in the adaptation of the Nintendo 64 classic to this handheld console. The first of them could be noticed during the opening Dam level, as the rocky mountain surrounding the section where we start the level had a "tiling" effect. Other decals didn't load properly, such as the yellow arrows on the elevator retractile doors in Silo and Control. Vehicles like the tank and the missile in Silo had different shades of grey and a section of the Streets level was considerably darker than the other. The characteristic muzzle of the AR33 weapon looked almost transparent, although it is understood this is a way to avoid seizures and Nintendo does this frequently in other readapted N64 titles. The fog also had some issues: at times, windows and guards in foggy areas were clearly visible despite their surroundings were covered. As for the online multiplayer mode, which was one of this release's selling points, it lagged miserably during matches with people from different regions to the point of becoming unplayable.

The rest of the game seemed to work more or less like the original.

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