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Pierce Brosnan To Star in 'Wolfland', Directed by His Son Sean

Fresh from celebrating his 71st birthday yesterday, Pierce Brosnan will star in the second feature film of his son Sean, titled WOLFLAND.

According to Variety, Brosnan plays Delvin, a legendary werewolf hunter whose services are requested by a teenage boy who witnessed the attack to his sister by a mysterious criature.

“I’m excited to be working with Pierce on a film that aims to redefine the werewolf sub-genre,” said Sean about working with his father. “With the amazing special effects talents at Imaginarium, we’ll craft a werewolf transformation set to rival the iconic scenes from AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF in London. We’re thrilled about the potential impact of an expanding WOLFLAND universe.”

WOLFLAND is set to begin shooting in late 2024 in the United Kingdom. The film is written by Matt D'Elia and Sean Brosnan, and produced by Marcus Warren and Christian Moore. Stay tuned for more news about this project.

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