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'No Time To Die': Billie Eilish premieres music video, OST tracklisting confirmed

EON Productions continues to reassure James Bond fans that it'll be November or bust for the release of NO TIME TO DIE, the 25th Bond adventure and Daniel Craig's last appaerance as James Bond. Today, we had two important piece of news regarding the film's soundtrack.

First of all, Billie Eilish released the music video for the film's title song, which she wrote with her brother FINNEAS and was composed by Hans Zimmer along with Steve Mazzaro and Johnny Marr. The film provides new footage from the film, mostly focusing on the troubled relationship between James Bond and Madeleine Swann, returning from SPECTRE (2015) and once again played by Léa Seydoux.

Later today, Decca Records distributed through iTunes the tracklisting for the film's soundtrack composed by Hans Zimmer. There are no big spoilers there, but some of you might feel spoiled regarding the structure of the movie, while others will be happy regarding the title of the first track, which you can listen in full here.

Tracklisting: 1. Gun Barrel (0:55)

2. Matera (1:59)

3. Message From an Old Friend (6:35)

4. Square Escape (2:06)

5. Someone Was Here (2:56)

6. Not What I Expected (1:24)

7. What Have You Done? (2:14)

8. Shouldn’t We Get to Know Each Other First (1:21)

9. Cuba Chase (5:40)

10. Back to MI6 (1:30)

11. Good to Have You Back (1:17)

12. Lovely to See You Again (1:25)

13. Home (3:45)

14. Norway Chase (5:06)

15. Gearing Up (2:53)

16. Poison Garden (3:58)

17. The Factory (6:42)

18. I’ll Be Right Back (4:59)

19. Opening the Doors (2:44)

20. Final Ascent (7:25)

21. No Time to Die – Billie Eilish (4:04)

The soundtrack album will be available on CD and LP from November 13. Click here to pre-order on Amazon.

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