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'GoldenEye' by John Gardner To Be Reissued in Germany in 2024

Cross Cult announced a new edition of John Gardner's GOLDENEYE novelization, as part of their reissue of the works of the third Ian Fleming continuation author, whose resumé also included the novelization of Timothy Dalton's last 007 adventure LICENCE TO KILL in 1989.

The cover artwork, designed by Michael Gillette, features Xenia Onatopp holding the Uzi submachine gun she carries in the novelization (in the film she generally sports an AK-74U to do the dirty job). You can see it below:

The GOLDENEYE novelization was originally published by Hodder & Stroughton and Boulevard Books in English language in 1995, before its reedition in 2012 by Orion. In Germany, the first edition came through Heyne, also in the same year the film was released. This new edition of GOLDENEYE is set to be released on June 3, 2024, in paperback and eBook format. You can pre-order your copy here.

Thanks to James Bond Club Deutschland for the alert.

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