Antenna destroyed

We have previously reported that the iconic GOLDENEYE location, the Arecibo Observatory, would be decommissioned and demolished as the structure was facing collapse. Now, we are sad to announce that the place which doubled for Alec Trevelyan's satellite transmitter in the 1995 James Bond film fell yesterday at 7.56 am, Yahoo informed. Fortunately, no people were harmed for this accident.

The structure fell onto the northern section of the reflector dish, 400 feet below. This was a direct consequence of many accidents endured by the transmitter located in Puerto Rico, much of them caused by natural disasters such as Hurricane María's struck in 2017 which resulted in cables from the towers holding the structure getting snapped.

Jonathan Friedman, a former senior research associate at the observatory who still lives near Arecibo, declared: “It sounded like a rumble. I knew exactly what it was. I was screaming. Personally, I was out of control... I don't have words to express it. It's a very deep, terrible feeling.” Ángel Vázquez, director of operations of the telescope, pointed out that “it was a snowball effect. There was no way to stop it.. It was too much for the old girl to take.”

The Arecibo Observatory has been active since 1963, but it was GOLDENEYE in 1995 which made it famous to the eyes of the world. At the end of the film, Bond's doing causes the structure to explode and fall over the treacherous Janus. Twenty-five years later, history tragically repeats, but in real life.

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