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Published on 13 April 2015

How many of you have enjoyed the GOLDENEYE promotional campaign? If you're one of them you shouldn't miss this interview: British photographer John Stoddart was the man who capturated the essence of Bond's glamour and sophistication in the campaigns that graced Pierce Brosnan as the new 007, and Famke Janssen and Izabella Scorupco as his girls. In this interview with The GoldenEye Dossier, Stoddart tells us a little about his memories on the famous photoshoot that took place two decades ago, when James Bond came back... with a vengance!

How did you get involved with GOLDENEYE?
I had already been working with Pierce Brosnan on the movie but for Brioni, the Italian fashion house. After the people at EON saw the photos and knowing Pierce loved what I did on that shoot, they asked to do a session for them, for the poster of GOLDENEYE

What things did you take in account when doing a photoshoot for a promotional artwork of a James Bond film?
I went into the session thinking of the history of it all,not just the films, but also Ian Fleming, I'm a great fan of the novels. And I was very aware this was a "new" Bond.

GOLDENEYE meant the return of James Bond after six years and a half of silence. Was that a huge challenge?
No! It was far to exciting!

Did you follow a paricular directive when taking Bond and his girls in those characteristic gun-in-hand poses?
Think about it... Bond, Girls, and guns! Perfect!

What are the best anecdotes you have of working with Pierce Brosnan, Izabella Scorupco and Famke Janssen?
In one of the breaks in the session, Izabella and Famke took me to one side and told me they had a plan: "John, give us a nod when your on the last roll of film, we are going to have a bit of fun with Mr Bond!" ...So, on the very last roll of B&W film I gave the girls the wink, and they moved in! Kissing, biting him, all having a laugh, Pierce loving every moment!

In retrospect, do you consider the art campaign of GOLDENEYE contributed to the film's success and the reinvention of the franchise in the 1990s?
Yes, without a doubt, it was the movie the world had been waiting for so long, for a new Bond, and Brosnan looked fantastic.

Tell our readers something on your upcoming projects. What's next for Mr Stoddart?
I'm still a working photographer, waiting for the phone to ring. I never stop working and planing new exhibitions - I have one next month in my home town of Whitstable, Kent - I'm planing on more than one new book of my photographs too.


We thank John for lending us some of his time for the first interview of a very important year for GOLDENEYE fans. You can connect with John trough his official website and on his Facebook and Twitter profiles too.

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