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  • GOLDENEYE marks the return of the classic Aston Martin DB5. The car hadn't been used since 1965's THUNDERBALL. Still, the car's number plate is two digits different from Sean Connery's car: BMT 214A instead of BMT 216A.


  • Ferrari lent their F355 model to the production of GOLDENEYE under the condition it ended ahead of James Bond's Aston Martin DB5 in the sequence where 007 races Xenia Onatopp in the Monaco Corniche.


  • GOLDENEYE is not Title Designer Daniel Kleinman's first job in the world of 007: six years before, he also designed Gladys Knight music video for "Licence to Kill", the main title song for Timothy Dalton's second and last outing as James Bond. Kleinman, who was the first designer who used CGI elements on the 007 main titles, would also work in the James Bond films until 2006's CASINO ROYALE.


  • For Pierce Brosnan's third Bond film, THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH, Robbie Coltrane reprised his acclaimed role of arms-dealer-turned-Bond-ally Valentin Zukovsky from GOLDENEYE.


  • GOLDENEYE co-screenwriter Bruce Feirstein would not only write the screenplay for TOMORROW NEVER DIES and THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH, but he would also work with Electronic Arts and Activision for the James Bond videogames EVERYTHING OR NOTHING, FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE (based on the 1963 film), and the recent GOLDENEYE 007 (the remake of the 1997 game) and BLOOD STONE.


  • Recently, an apparently rejected GOLDENEYE soundtrack by Michael J. Lewis surfaced on the net. However, many film soundtrack experts claimed it's a fake made by fans and it wasn't even considered by EON.


  • Third Bond actor Roger Moore paid a visit to the GOLDENEYE set at Leavesden and greeted Pierce Brosnan and producer Michael G Wilson, who co-wrote the last three Moore 007 adventures: FOR YOUR EYES ONLY (1981), OCTOPUSSY (1983) and A VIEW TO A KILL (1985).


  • The music band Ace of Base wrote a song called "The GoldenEye" for the film. Since it wasn't considered, the band slightly changed the arrangements and the lyrics to the song, now renamed "The Juvenile".


  • The “James Bond Theme” version Eric Serra composed for the tank chase sequence was considered not appropriate for such a thrilling sequence that composer John Altman was hired to make a composition that could fit that sequence. While Serra’s original version remained in the GOLDENEYE soundtrack (Track 10 – “

    A Pleasant Drive in St. Petersburg”), Altman’s version wasn’t released, and only a cover version performed by The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra is available on the disc BOND BACK IN ACTION 2 as “

    Tank Drive in St. Petersburg”.


  • GOLDENEYE was the last film long time producer Albert R "Cubby" Broccoli saw before his death in 1996. His heirs in the Bond franchise, daughter  Barbara Broccoli and stepson Michael G Wilson, would not also dedicate the following film, 1997's TOMORROW NEVER DIES, to his memory, but also would maintain the tradition to keep the late producer's name in every following Bond film credits.


  • GOLDENEYE was the highest-grossing film in the worldwide box office since 1979’s MOONRAKER.



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Published on 7 June 2011

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