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Troughout 2019 we asked our readers (and experienced gamers) what did they found the most tensioning

moments in GOLDENEYE 007, the Nintendo 64 classic based on the 1995 James Bond film. See the results here.

1. Protecting Natalya in Control (50,8%)


Natalya needs to be quiet to concentrate while programming the GoldenEye satellite to destroy itself. Too bad an alarm goes of as she's doing the job and a good numbers of guards will not only try to shoot us but also to kill her. If she dies or we die, the mission fails. All of our senses have to be focused on guards coming from our left, right, and front in simultaneous. This is a tricky moment in all difficulties, this is why our readers voted it the most tensioning moment of GOLDENEYE 007.

2. Train escape (14,3%)


Alec Trevelyan gives us one minute to escape the bomb he placed on his train after he locked us up with Natalya, who dedicates to crack Boris' password and locate Janus base. The time runs out as we have to trust our laser watch in order to cut a section of the floor and escape with her. It's not that difficult in Agent, but in higher difficulties you have to be patient until Natalya finishes the job... and sometimes, a respawning goon may surprise us from our back.

3. The Aztec level (11,1%)


Aztec, a bonus mission unlocked when the player beats the story mode in Secret Agent difficulty, can be a though challenge. Guards are equipped with AR33 machine guns and Laser weapons, they abound as much as drone gun. And let's not forget Jaws, who is almost indestrucrtible and weilds two AR33 weapons! Aztec is really not for rookie players.

4. Meeting Mishkin in Archives (7,9%)


Defence Minister Dimitri Mishkin has learned of Ourumov's betrayal and now knows Bond was right, that's why he agrees to give him the Pirate chopper black box - an objective the player has to achieve in Secret Agent and 00 Agent difficulties. However, be careful, our "détente" with Mishkin is over if we shoot an attacking guard even to defend ourselves, so we must bite the bullets or slap the invaders. Everytime Mishkin talks, our heart beats fast and we hope that he gets us the bloody black box before a guard surprises us.

5. Last section of Caverns / Showdown with Trevelyan in Cradle (9,6%)


In the Secret Agent and 00 Agent difficulties, the Caverns level may be tricky, particularly the last section where Trevelyan sends heavily armed and armoured reinforcements to deal with the player, who by that time has surely ran out of energy. And they come behind his back! Likewise, the final showdown with Trevelyan can be quite tricky in the Cradle mission while playing in high difficulties - particularly as the player runs out of ammo. Both parts of the game got a 4,8% each, becoming the fifth most tensioning aspect of the game!

6. Battle with Xenia and Jungle guards (3,2%)


Jungle is a tricky mission! The camouflaged guards are difficult to see among the vegetation and fog, plus Xenia is well equiped with an RCP-90 and a Grenade Launcher. The final section of the game can also be very difficult with all those grenades thrown at Natalya and us.

7. Facility in 00 Agent / Rescuing Natalya in Statue (3,1%)


Some of our readers, it seems, had a hard time completing Facility in 00 Agent or trying to wake Natalya up before the mine Janus has placed on the helicopter where she's lying next to goes off. Both can be tricky situations considering the difficulty and experience of the gamer.

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