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Nicolás Suszczyk has dedicated almost 25 years of his life to the world of James Bond, a time span that has included numerous articles for magazines and websites in English and Spanish, subsequently translated to French, Portuguese and Swedish. His love for GoldenEye, the first film of the Pierce Brosnan 007 era, took him to found The GoldenEye Dossier in 2011 and to become a published author in 2019 with books like The World of GoldenEye, The Bond of The Millennium and A View To A Thrill: A Closer Look At The James Bond Trailers. These titles were followed by Beyond The Ice: The Case For and Against Die Another Day (2020), For England James: Notes on The Visual Impact of GoldenEye (2020), The Films of Martin Campbell (2020) and, more recently, Straight Up, With A Twist: The Daring Women of Pierce Brosnan's James Bond (2022).

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