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Video games based on blockbuster movies were just another piece of merchandising before GoldenEye 007 for Nintendo 64 hit the stores in August 1997, some two years after the release of the film that inspired it. Ian Fleming's secret agent was now popular in other media besides movies, books and comic strips. One particularly targeted to young generations. With eight million copies sold all over the world, Nintendo 64's golden cartridge took everyone by surprise. The years went on and the James Bond licence was passed from one developer to the other, with each new game done under the producers' watchful supervision. But the legend of GoldenEye 007 left such a timeless impact that everyone wanted to have their own "GoldenEye".​​​​​​​

The Golden Games of Bond sheds the light on not only the most popular interactive adventure starring agent 007, but the many attempts to replicate the success of the original through spin-offs and remakes, including attempts by freelance developers and programmers to adapt the experience in modern-day technologies. For some, it was an opportunity to make more money, to others the mere chance to bring back a happy childhood for themselves and others, but there is one undeniable truth: in the past 25 years, nobody felt indifference whenever the word "GoldenEye" was uttered.

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